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Home WindowsDo you desire hurricane windows for your home along the Gulf Coast or Atlantic Seaboard? If so, it is important to learn some of the basic care and operation techniques to ensure that your windows are operating at peak condition throughout the year. While Coastal Performance Windows are generally a low-maintenance product, it is important to keep them clean and free of build up from the salty air that can be in the area. It is important to keep them reasonably clean throughout the year so they don’t become damaged and lose their ability to withstand strong winds and rains like you desire. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much care or operation to keep the windows on your home operating the way you desire.

Coastal Performance Windows are Among the Most Durable Products in the Industry

If you’re considering hurricane windows for your residence, look no further than the Coastal Performance line of windows. Thanks to their multiple panes of thick glass, Sill Riser technology, and composite reinforcements, these high-quality home windows are structurally rated up to DP50, which means they can withstand wind speeds of up to 170 MPH. And, in order to ensure they are the strongest windows available, they have been tested and certified to the National Fenestration rating Council standards and tested and certified to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association standards.

To learn more about why Coastal Performance Windows are the perfect choice for your home along the Gulf Coast or Atlantic Seaboard, contact an authorized dealer today.

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