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Window and Door CompanyCoastal Performance Windows and Doors are a line of products from Sunrise Windows & Doors, a Temperance, MI based home window and door company that has spent years manufacturing handcrafted products that are designed to improve efficiency and provide exceptional, long-lasting performance. Through award-winning designs, precision engineering, the use of the most advanced components, and proven construction methods, Sunrise Windows & Doors has established itself as a trusted provider of new home windows and doors.

Coastal Performance Windows and Doors are the ideal products for homes located in coastal environments. These replacement windows and doors are built to withstand the elements and help keep homes safe during tropical storms, hurricanes, and other severe weather. Homeowners throughout the Gulf Coast, around the coast of Florida, and along the Atlantic Seaboard can confidently place their trust in these products because they were crafted by a door and window and door company that has shown to deliver rich and architecturally pleasing home improvement solutions that will last a lifetime.

Replacement Windows and Doors that Offer Great Performance

Coastal Performance Windows and Doors are tested against positive and negative wind cycles to ensure that they remain intact at speeds of up to 200 MPH. They exceed certification standards by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) as well as the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). The replacement windows and doors are reinforced for strength, allowing homeowners peace of mind knowing that the products won’t succumb to driving rain and high winds as easily as low-quality replacement windows. The superior strength and performance of these windows and doors during severe weather is so well-established that the products are backed by a lifetime, transferable, non-prorated warranty, so homeowners can rest assured that their investment will remain protected.

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